• Immediately contact our live chat or whatsapp number at 085353909077 in less than 2x24 hours after the goods arrive.
  • Attach unboxing videos without pause when opening your order package.
  • Make sure the installed security seal tag has not been separated from the item you ordered and the condition of the item that has not been used or used.
  • Delivery of products that not authentic or do not match / defective / damaged due to our fault, either the model / color / or size ordered. We do not serve the exchange of products on the grounds that they are too small or too big. Make sure your size by looking at the size chart on each product
  • All shipping costs for returning goods are the responsibility of the seller if there is an error from our team.


There are no refunds, all will be resolved by exchanging the product.

If the desired product is no longer in stock, we will provide an optional exchange for another model at the same price or above.

*For the price above/more expensive the buyer must transfer the difference.

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